Office Machines, Inc. primarily sells  and services refurbished copiers and business machines. these copiers have been taken apart, tested and every moving part has been evaluated. Damaged or worn parts have been replaced. Regardless of wear the photoreceptor (drum), fuser roll, corotron and platen have been replaced with new parts. These machines are always shipped with new toner and developer.

Our price includes delivery, set up and installation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This means that we take full responsibility for the delivery and installation of the unit. Please keep in mind that your available space must be large enough to accommodate the machine and appropriate power must be readily available.

Out-of area sales do not include shipping. However, we or you can arrange for the machines to be shipped.

All refurbished equipment sold in the Dallas / Fort Worth area by OMI include a thirty-day parts and labor warranty. This means that we will replace any part that fails in the first thirty days of use.

After 30 days, we give you the opportunity to purchase a Maintenance Contract on the machine. Our Maintenance Contracts can be purchased on a month-to-month bases, quarterly or annually. They cover parts and labor from normal wear and tear and also provide toner if desired.

Our standard payment terms, which are normal in the used equipment business, require full payment upon delivery. On rare occasions other payment terms may be negotiated, but these arrangements must be reached before the machines are delivered.

Current Copier Models: